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Heroes of the Storm

On this page, you find my personal HotS overview.

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General remarks

In general, one could say I'm a fan of variety/versatility as well as CC or DoT. I.e. in the current team composition meta you could call me too n00b to specialize a Flexible. Maybe subject to change in the future after getting more experienced.

So far I focus on Team Ranked as far as possible and Quick Matches in the meantime – the latter due to be replaced by Unranked Draft soon.


My main heroes. I like them, I like to play them in teams, I've played them generally the most often.


These are other heroes I more frequently play. (At level <150 this roughly means they're at least lvl 5 or near to it.)


Heroes I find funny and mainly play for trolling the fun of it - they're not the most viable choices per se but through a combination of abilities, skins and whatnot they again are. Also near or above lvl5.

Team Heroes

The heroes I would currently offer to my team as part of Team Ranked.
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Not listed here:

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